Stratux Documentation & Manuals


Below is a list of manuals, software links, and helpful videos for your Stratux. 

Updating Video For All Versions

DangerZone SH Files:- 

No longer needed!

The Dangerzone .SH Update is no longer needed for Foreflight 10.0 and above! Only use the main image file. Located at:-  (click download on the main page). This simplifies the process greatly.

Steps to follow:-

(Start the above video at the 9:35 minute mark)

  1. Download the above or click here
  2. Flash the above image to the sd card via Etcher (remove the sd card with tweezers from the front of the unit).
  3. Set the units AHRS orientation via Stratux web interface (connect to the stratux wifi and in the Chrome browser type in and navigate to settings and click the blue button "AHRS Orientation." Then follow the on-screen prompts).
  4. Vola! 
  5. If you can't see your Stratux's Wifi you need to redo the steps above. Please make sure that you are also using the stock battery pack or powering the unit from a 2.4amp source.


Stable SH Files (Main .SH Files for normal updates. Not necessary if you do the above steps but is another method of updating):-

SD Card Formatter (scroll down to the bottom of the page and click accept to download):-


All Manuals Found At The Links Below

Stratux Quickstart Guide:-

Navigating Your Stratux:-

Updating Your Stratux:- 

Please note:- this manual is somewhat outdated but shows how to use win32 disk imager. Win32 disk imager is an alternative program to Etcher. This has beautifully made flows though, so it should be easy to follow.

EasyAcc User Manual:-