Pre-Flashed Stratux Micro SD Card

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Don't want to go through the whole process of updating your Stratux? That's okay, with this pre-flashed micro SD card just pop out the old SD card and pop in this new one. You're now updated! Yes, it really is that easy. We also include a Dog Tag with a QR Code to help you get to the web interface. Just scan with your camera app while connected to the Stratux WiFi.

Skip the flaky 2gb cards and get one that will last. This is the same card we use in our pre-assembled units and are what we consider tried and true.

TROUBLESHOOTING: From time to time your micro SD Card may need to have the software re-flashed onto it. Please visit our website for instructions on how to do that: Happy flying and be safe!


Pro tip:- If you have a Stratux with a white case use tweezers to remove the micro SD card from the front of the unit.

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