EasyAcc Power Bank 6000mAh Portable Charger with Built-in Micro USB Cable Ultra Slim External Battery Pack

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Power your electronic device with this 6000mah battery pack! This battery pack can output 2.4amps and can power a raspberry pi computer just fine with its built-in micro USB cable or a high-quality removable USB cable. 


This battery pack also offers pass-through charging which allows you to charge the battery pack and power your device at the same time! This is a very useful feature that not all battery packs have! If you are powering a raspberry pi computer or your ADS-B In device via the pass-through charging feature, just make sure that the power source is outputting at least 2.4amps or you may not see WiFi or get boot errors.

The pass-through charging feature can also act as a backup power source, in the sense that if your pass-through charging source is removed or loses power, the battery pack still outputs power to your device via the battery pack!


EasyAcc User Manual:-


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