Custom 3D Print Jobs


Do you have a custom part that you would like to be 3D Printed? Then this might be the service you are looking for. Everlast Concepts LLC offers custom print jobs and will work with you the customer to get the results and print resolution you are looking for. We offer print resolutions down to 100 microns (layer resolution) and build volumes up to 300mm(L) X  230mm(W) X 168mm(H). If you require a larger print area I would highly recommend you to my good friend Chris over at Otherwise Everlast Concepts LLC should have you covered. We offer printing in the following materials: ABS, Nylon, Poly Carbonate, and PLA. Note: Everlast Concepts LLC is willing/capable of printing in other materials than those listed above; those are just the most common types.  

How the process works

Have your custom part ready to be emailed (needs to be in a .stl file format) and add the Inquiry Custom 3D Print Job product option to your cart. The $5 dollar fee is for processing your part and correcting for errors in the .stl file.  Before checking out include in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER box (found on the checkout page) your email address. I will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Be prepared to provide the .stl file when I email you and we will discuss your desired print material and cost of printing at that time.

Example Prints We Have Done 

Check out our Flicker page:-