Remote Television Repair Service

Do you have a broken television that is not working as it use to and is out of the manufactures warranty period? Then this might be the service you are looking for. Sending your broken television into the manufacturer or to a television repairman can get expensive and almost cost as much as a new television. With this remote television repair service you do the repairs to your own television with the help of remote assistance. The benefit of doing the repairs yourself include: reduced cost, reduced likelihood of having to buy a new television, and the satisfaction of knowing your television has been given new life and won't be ending up in the landfill. For most televisions all that is needed to fix them is a few couple dollar components or ordering one specific board inside the television, all of which can be easily obtained online.  It should be noted that if your television has a cracked screen this service is not for you and you should consider strongly getting a new television (cost prohibitive) Some basic tools you will want to have on hand before trying out this service are as follows: small medium and large philips/flatheat screwdrivers, a multi-meter that can measure volts amps and ohms, soldering pen/gun, solder, and a solder sucker. If you plan on just replacing the affected board inside the television, and not trying to solder on new components yourself, then you won't need the solder pen/gun and solder sucker, but please be aware it is more expensive to replace the whole board. Thank you for considering Everlast Concepts LLC Remote Television Repair Service, we hope you get your television backup and working whether you use are service or the other guys.