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This Tablet/Phone Extension was designed specifically for the iPad Air 2. It can accommodate other large tablets as well that are about the same width. Enjoy flying your solo more with the bigger screen size of the Ipad Air 2 and stability you expect from the IOS Solo app.


  • Ease of installation
  • Ability to hold larger tablets/phones
  • Large viewing screen capability

Important Notes:-

To install this new part into the existing phone mount holder simply remove the mount by unscrewing it from the controller. Next, grab a small-medium Philips head screwdriver and remove the four screws on the back. (note I have already installed mine, but the process is the same) (:

Carefully open the unit and remove the longest piece, being careful to remove it from the spring.

Before you replace it with the new one we need to file/shave off a small piece of plastic. DO NOT cut off the screw hole, all we are trying to do is file down/shave off a little support on the right side of the post I'm pointing at.

Make sure you are doing it to this post on this corner. 

Next put it back together. If it is a little "sticky" in the slides make sure you shaved off enough of the support.



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