Stratux Internal GPS Option - GPYes

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This hand-picked internal GPS gives additional flexibility to the assembled Stratux that we already offer. This internal GPS allows you to ditch the wired external GPS. It will work with version 3 models as well! Please note that V3.1 models already have this included along with the external gps.


  • No Cord
  • Shielded to give the best performance possible for an internal GPS
  • Added flexibility
  • Works with version 3 models!


Our units come with thread lock on all of the screws. Make sure to get a well fitting Phillips bit before trying to unscrew the four screws holding the raspberry pi in (the green computer). We recommend a powered drill so that you can "break" the screws loose. Be careful, the computer is fairly tough but can still be damaged if treated harshly.   


Important Info:-

The name "Stratux" is owned by Stratux Inc, and we Everlast Concepts LLC, are not affiliated with Stratux Inc in any way, nor claim to be. For more information on the privileges of this license please visit:

Please note that you will lose some accuracy when using this GPS, as an internal GPS can never be as accurate as an external GPS. That is why we sell all units with an external GPS stock. However, we know that some might prefer an internal GPS and this is the recommended internal GPS for Stratux as it provides special shielding for the best performance possible. Remember  §91.3:- The pilot in command of an aircraft is directly responsible for, and is the final authority as to, the operation of that aircraft.

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