Scalp Massager Suction Cup Holder/Holster

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Grab one of these beautifully colored shower scalp scrubber holsters today! Skip the grimy string holder and go with a holder specifically designed for the purpose of holding your scalp scrubber! These small, easily transportable holders are great for your home shower or for taking with you on the go. They work with most of the generic shower scrubbers; look at the pictures to see if your shower scrubber handle is the same.
  • EASY: Snap your shower scalp scrubber into this colorful holster and keep your shower more organized!
  • SANITARY: Doesn't use a string to hold your scalp scrubber eliminating the nasty buildup that can grow on them!
  • 360°: Allows you to orientate your scrubber in any orientation allowing more versatility in your shower oasis
  • TRANSPORTABLE: The small and compact design of this shower scrubber enables easy to transport for the professional on the go or simply for use in your own shower.
  • EASY REMOVAL: The suction cup has a small tab to help release the suction cub whenever desired.

Proudly designed and manufactured by Everlast Concepts LLC.