Stratux AHRS Upgrade Kit

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Do you love your current Stratux setup and are looking for an easy way to upgrade your unit to gain even more features? Then look no further!

With this upgrade kit you get:-

  • 1 X AHRS Board + Fan Controller Board
  • 1 X Pre-Flashed Dangerzone Micro SD Card


V1 Users

Connect the board and install the new SD card as depicted below. You do not have to remove the computer. The new SD card goes in the bottom of the unit; simply pull out the new one. You should see the colored side of the card as you push it in.

When reinstalling the fan connectors make sure to orientate the fan connector correctly. Please note that the fan won't start to work until the Stratux is fully booted. The fan pulsing on is now a good indication of when you should see the Stratux network show up on your wifi list.

Lastly, the new light indications are as follows:


Solid red light until you connect to the Stratux wifi. Once connected the green light will turn solid.


Both lights are solid in color.

Shutting down:-

Flashing green light accompanied by a solid red light and the fan shutting off. Once you see the green light turn solid again, and the fan stop, you can safely unplug the power.

The pictures below are to just show what pins the module goes onto. You do not have to remove the computer. It should slip on the pins if you gently lift the lid and unplug the fan. In the picture above the left forward facing pin is for the positive (+) fan connector that is red. Therefore, the right side is for the negative (-) fan connector that is black.

Lastly, watch this video for how to calibrate the AHRS board.

*****For All Other Users*****

Simply follow the pictures below for the proper placement of the board AHRS Board. It should be on the last set of pins on the Raspberry Pi. 

Lastly, watch this video for how to calibrate the AHRS board.

Future Software Updates & Manuals

Please go to this page for more info:-