Stratux AHRS Board + Fan Controller

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Connect this to your already Assembled Stratux ADS-B Receiver to add AHRS and automated fan speed control based on CPU Temp. Connect as depicted in the pictures below. 

Important Notes:-

You will need to add a special image to your micro sd card. To find out how to do this go to the linked page below and watch the updating video. On that page, you will also find all the links you need to update your stratux.

The Link:-



Connect the board as depicted below. Make sure to orientate the fan connector correctly. The fan won't start to work until the Stratux is fully booted. The fan is now a good indication of when you should see the Stratux network show up on your wifi list.

Lastly, the new light indications are as follows:


Solid red light until you connect to the Stratux wifi. Once connected the green light will turn solid.


Both lights are solid in color.

Shutting down:-

Flashing green light accompanied by a solid red light and the fan shutting off. Once you see the green light turn solid again, and the fan stop, you can safely unplug the power.

The pictures below are to just show what pins the module goes onto. You do not have to remove the computer. It should slip on the pins if you gently lift the lid and unplug the fan. In the picture above the left forward facing pin is for the positive (+) fan connector that is red. Therefore, the right side is for the negative (-) fan connector that is black.

Legal Notes:-

Everlast Concepts LLC is in NO WAY responsible for the misuse of this product or damages caused by the use of this product. If this product fails, catches fire, or causes other unfortunate damages (or personal injury) Everlast Concepts LLC is not responsible. Use at your own risk (by buying this product you are agreeing to and accepting the terms above). Again, use at your own risk. This does not mean the product should fail, or that it is prone to failure, it simply means Everlast Concepts LLC is not responsible for damages if it were to. The Stratux ADS-B In Receiver and its' AHRS + Fan Controler Board should be used only to enhance and aid in situational awareness, not as a primary means of navigation. Remember  §91.3:- The pilot in command of an aircraft is directly responsible for, and is the final authority as to, the operation of that aircraft.

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