Printed Parts Kit for the GM Multi - Solo Charger

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For all you do-it-your-selfers out there Everlast Concepts LLC is happy to provide a kit of all the 3D Printed Parts you will need to build your very own GM Multi - Solo Charger. All you have to do is source the parts yourself.


  • Support the designer of the charger
  • Costs less than Thingiverse print service
  • Comes in black or the original clear
  • Durable PLA parts

What's in the box:-

Important Notes:-

It should be noted that the screw holes on the lid have been removed; it is necessary to use #64 rubber bands to hold the lid on. Follow the Instructable link below for assembly instructions. There may be delays in the shipping of this order due to high demand; Everlast Concepts LLC will do their very best at shipping out the order as quickly as possible. 



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