Well every site has to start at some point...


This is a start of a website that is going to feature a wide range of products and services, ranging from electronics, mods, to remote television repair services. Here at Everlast Concepts LLC we strive to incorporate inspiration and quality into each our products & services. Some products such as the GM Multi - Solo Charger were designed by this site's owner. Other products, such as some of the 3D Printed ones, are printed and sold under the creative commons licence. Everlast Concepts LLC will always post who designed the actual product but is under no other obligation per the terms of such a licence. All of Everlast Concepts LLC's designs including the GM Multi - Solo Charger are fully open source and can be made on your own at home. We are simply bridging the gap between people who have the resources/skill/time and those who may not be as lucky. Stay tuned, much more to come.

What I've done with my solo:-